fredag den 20. maj 2011

Live III at volcanic tongue

As we are running out of copies, Live III is now available at Volcanic Tongue. They Write:

"Amazing new tape from this unstoppable Danish free jazz orchestra, here recorded live with an expanded line-up in Copenhagen in December 2009. Everyone plays recorders and percussion as well as their primary instrument, be it saxophone, ney flute, electric guitar, electronics, vocals, clarinet, violin, double bass and drums and the results are mind-blowing, moving from Art Ensemble-styled communal freak into heavenly post-Coltrane ascensions through the tone world. Can’t think of anyone outside of the much-missed Rauhan Orkesteri/Paivansade circle with such a devastating grasp of folk-primitive form and higher minded avant bliss. Numbered edition of 70 copies with art paper sleeves and obi strip. Recommended. "

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