søndag den 18. oktober 2009

Sweet England

We and Dreamers Cloth recently returned from a wonderful tour in England and Scotland, and want to thank everyone who helped us out along the way. This post will be updated with memories over the next couple of weeks. A lot of the pictures are also available under 'visuals' (right side). For now, here are a couple of videos:






(almost) Edinburgh

Live in London

Dreamers Cloth live in Glasgow

søndag den 11. oktober 2009

Memories from the show in Vanløse

Here's some memories of a saxophone-driven show shiggajon played at the ark tarp release party in Vanløse August 09.

mandag den 5. oktober 2009


After a long break, shiggajon is now once again playing and recording. As of today, all updates will be available here in stead of the shiggajon myspace. Shiggajon is taking on a new, larger, and looser form, moving in new directions. Almost all older releases are sold out, but look forward to a lot of releases of (unreleased) old and new material.