søndag den 20. februar 2011

Live III and IV

Two new tapes/cd-rs in the live-series are available as of today:

Live III

Recorded in December 2009 at Prøvehallen in Copenhagen with a 11-piece line-up. The music moves from repetitive folkish chanting through aggressive full-on celestial communication and on to more abstract, fragmented territory. Limited to 70 tapes and an unlimited amount of cd-rs. Listen to a sample:

Live IV

Recorded in September 2009 at Chameleon, Nottingham and July 2010 at Lades Kælder, Copenhagen. Two pieces of psychedelic drone-rock music. Limited to 30 tapes and ~20 cd-rs. Sample:

Both tapes are 35 kroner / 4,5 euros. We also have cd-r versions at 25 kroner / 3 euros.
cd-r and tape version of the same release is 45 kroner / 6,5 euros.

Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming lp, "asconema" on chironex.