søndag den 22. august 2010

Live II . at Oto

The second tape in the live-series, this time a collaboration between shiggajon and the Sheffield-scene, represented by Le Drapeau Noir (already a collaboration between Chora, Hunter Gracchus, Part wild horses mane on both sides etc) recorded at Café Oto, London in September 2009. 14 people on stage - 21 minutes of very dense, somewhat bacchantic chanting.

Same track on both sides, limited to 80 copies. 4,5 euros / 35 kroner and shipping.
We also have cd-r versions, which are 3 euros / 25 kroner and shipping.

Sample here:
Live 2 sample by shiggajon

Also available for free download here

tirsdag den 17. august 2010

Mixtape #1

Our first mixtape is now at avail. This one is very limited, painted on demand, and contains material from our early cd-rs from "forklarelsen på bjerget" in 2005 up untill "shiggajon" on Ark Tarp, 2010. Foreigners pay 6 euros + shipping, Danes 45 kroner + fragt. The tracklist, earlier release in brackets:

a1 . eli (den store fugl)
a2 . I (shiggajon)
a3 . og han blev forvandlet for øjnene af dem (forklarelsen på bjerget)
a4 . drømmen (drømmen)
a5 . lyden (den store fugl
b1 . I i gul (fire sange i gul og rød)
b2 . tilbage til begyndelsen (drømmen)
b3 . II (shiggajon)
b4 . II i gul (fire sange i gul og rød)
b5 . brudet og fundet - jagten - hulen (drømmen)

torsdag den 5. august 2010

Memories from Glasgow