søndag den 28. marts 2010

Ritual 2 is in the making

"Shiggajon" on ark tarp

Our first recordings and release as "the new shiggajon", that is as the expanded shiggajon. Cd-r limited to 60 copies, around 40 of which are for sale. Very march-band-like doomfolk sounds. Released by ark tarp and features their usual beautiful artwork.

fredag den 26. marts 2010

Live 1: at the cube

We now have the first tape in the "live" series "at the cube" available. It contains material by us and Dreamers Cloth on each our side, recorded at a show we did in Bristol last year. The DC-side is one track of the usual brilliant, catchy pomegranate-seed-dolphin-keyboard-psych - ours is probably the most rock-like set we've done to date. Earth-riffs and 4/4 drumming etc. Limited to 100 ex, 50 of which are for sale. Silk screened artwork inside.

Get it through us or ark tarp at 4,5 euros / 35 kroner and shipping. Can be picked up in Århus and Copenhagen.
We also have cd-r versions, which are 3 euros / 25 kroner and shipping.

Samlpe here:
Live 1 sample by shiggajon

Also available for free download here

mandag den 22. marts 2010

Første ritual

This is the first tape in the ”ritual” series, focusing on music performed (by us) in ritualistic settings, thus often sound-wise moving into ”sound art” territory. We have 9 (out of 30) of these tapes for sale, and the recordings will not be available as mp3 when the tape sells out. Features silk-screened artwork and drawings by us. Get it here (40 kr / 5 e + shipping or pick it up in Århus or Copenhagen) or at the Ark Tarp labelnight/relaseparty.

torsdag den 18. marts 2010

Ark Tarp release-party March 25th

A post to remind you of the Ark Tarp labelnight and release-party next week. There will, as the poster says, be concerts by mouths of the irrawaddy, dead black arms, bjørn puggaard, and mette mareridt - free admisson. The gig will feature a large shiggajon-related distro and, of course, the release of the first shiggajon-release as the "new" shiggajon - thus simply titled "shiggajon". Be there!