fredag den 26. marts 2010

Live 1: at the cube

We now have the first tape in the "live" series "at the cube" available. It contains material by us and Dreamers Cloth on each our side, recorded at a show we did in Bristol last year. The DC-side is one track of the usual brilliant, catchy pomegranate-seed-dolphin-keyboard-psych - ours is probably the most rock-like set we've done to date. Earth-riffs and 4/4 drumming etc. Limited to 100 ex, 50 of which are for sale. Silk screened artwork inside.

Get it through us or ark tarp at 4,5 euros / 35 kroner and shipping. Can be picked up in Århus and Copenhagen.
We also have cd-r versions, which are 3 euros / 25 kroner and shipping.

Samlpe here:
Live 1 sample by shiggajon

Also available for free download here

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