mandag den 7. december 2009

Concert this friday!

Shiggajon will be playing a show this coming friday the 11th at Prøvehallen in Valby (Porcelænstorvet 4), Copenhagen. Show up! For this show, shiggajon will be:

Nikolai (Ney flute / tenor sax / bass clarinet)
Jon (Ney flute / tenor sax / recorders)
Mikkel E (electric guitar / percussion)
Mikkel D (vocals / percussion)
Mikkel R (clarinet / dilruba / violin)
Emil (violin)
Claus (vocals / percussion)
Christian (electric guitar)
Jens Peter (double bass / trombone / saz)
Martin (drums)
Kristoffer (drums)

Besides shiggajon, there will be drone-psych-shows by mouths of the irrawaddy and white hand.

Doors at 20:00, first show at 21:00. 40 kroner.

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